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CONCERT RENGA THE SONG OF THE BIRDS. FROM JAPAN TO THE WORLD, A TRIBUTE TO PAU CASALS A concert and project organized by the Pau Casals Foundation, the Consulate-General of Japan in Barcelona and the Auditori Pau Casals from El Vendrell. With the participation of L’Auditori de Barcelona, the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya,“Museu de la Música de Barcelona and the collaboration of the Associació Japonesa d’Amistat amb Catalunya.

An anthem for peace and freedom that transcends borders. Many young Japanese people were touched by the musical genius and pacifist ideals of Pablo Casals. One of those people was the brilliant cellist Yoritoyo Inoue (1912-1996). His son, Akira Inoue, is the force behind this project “Renga – The song of birds.” In “Renga,” a sort of collaborative poetry, each author adds a fragment to a poem. Using “The song of birds” as the start of an epic poem, Akira Inoue has invited musicians from different disciplines to perform their own interpretations of the melody, establishing an enriching musical dialogue, connecting different people and cultures. “El cant dels ocells” has been performed all over Japan in concerts and workshops, including the area of the country that was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Over 35 artists, including musicians playing traditional Japanese instruments and experts in classical European music, have joined this project.


Roots of the Tree Nataliya Gudziy
Dancing Girl Nataliya Gudziy
Kobzari Nataliya Gudziy and Akira Inoue
Melody of Life Nataliya Gudziy, Akira Inoue and Aska Kaneko
Fusion Yoshida Brothers (Shamisen Duo)
Hyakka-Ryoran Yoshida Brothers (Shamisen Duo)
Moonlight Song Yoshida Brothers (Solo) and Akira Inoue
Nemure Yoshida Brothers (Solo) and Akira Inoue
Tsugaru Jongar-Bushi Yoshida Brothers (Duo)

The Song of Birds Aska Kaneko
The Song of Birds ESMUC Cello Ensemble
The Song of Birds Nataliya Gudziy
The White Wing Nataliya Gudziy, Akira Inoue and ESMUC Cello Ensemble
Decollage/The Song of Birds Yoshida Brothers (Shamisen Duo), ESMUC Cello Ensemble and Aska Kaneko
Rising Yoshida Brothers (Shamisen Duo), Akira Inoue, Nataliya Gudziy, ESMUC Cello Ensemble and Aska Kaneko

Akira Inoue’s project in Catalonia is organized by the Pau Casals Foundation, the Consulate-General of Japan in Barcelona, the Auditori de El Vendrell, L’Auditori de Barcelona, with special support from Kazushi Ono, lead conductor of the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra (OBC), and Yuriko Ono, from the Associació Japonesa d’Amistat amb Catalunya, the Museu de la Música, the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), and additional support from SUBARU. From April 21 to May 23, a video compilation of this audiovisual poem will be shown in the lobby of the Museu de la Música de Barcelona.

AKIRA INOUE: born in Tokyo in 1953, Akira is a composer, music producer, keyboardist, and arranger. He has recorded 13 original albums in Japan and London and has been the recipient of major awards such as the 2006 ADLIB Award. He has collaborated with esteemed musicians including Masaharu Fukuyama, David Rhodes and Simon Phillips, and producers such as Jon Kelly and Tchad Blake. He is a member of the band DSD Trio, along with Hideo Yamaki and Mataró Misawa, and has published a book on musical culture called "My Sound, My Garden" (2011).

YOSHIDA BROTHERS: born in Hokkaido (Northern Japan), they studied with Takashi Sasaki, the founding master of the "tsugaru shamisen" style, and debuted in 1999 with an album that broke sales records in the Japanese folk music industry. After various tours in Japan, they made the leap to the worldwide stage and performed in concerts and tours throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. They have released 13 albums and are known for their virtuosity and continuous innovation.

NATALIYA GUDZIY: Born in the Ukraine, the tragic accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, where her father was working, happened on April 26, 1986 when she was six years old. She was just 3.5 kilometres away from the disaster and suffered as a result of the radiation. She took refuge in various locations, and currently lives in Kiev. Extremely passionate about the sound of the bandura (the national instrument of the Ukraine), Nataliya began studying when she was eight years old, and by the time she was 16, she visited Japan for the first time on a humanitarian mission. Four years later, she began her musical career in Japan, where she has held concerts throughout the entire country. She has also translated the Song of Birds into Ukrainian.

ASKA KANEKO: violinist, composer, music director, producer, and singer. Her particular style of improvising dates back to her childhood, when she would engage in long sessions practicing the violin in natural settings. Aska received the Grand Prize in a prestigious international string quartet competition for young musicians, held in London. She later studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts and became the conductor of the Asian Fantasy Orchestra, a Pan-Asian project started over 10 years ago with the support of the Japan Foundation. Aska is well known as a musical director for major musical theatre productions.

Day: Saturday, April 23rd
Time: 07.00 pm
Place: AUDITORI PAU CASALS, Av. Palfuriana, 52 Platja de Salvador, El Vendrell
It is necessary to book in EL CANT DELS OCELLS FROM JAPAN

Foundation Pau Casals

Avinguda Palfuriana, 67
43880 Sant Salvador, El Vendrell

Museum: +34 977 684 276
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